Fountain Hills, Arizona

Welcome to the first Family Dentistry post to our blog which will contain informational and educational articles, photos and even videos about oral hygiene and dental health for the whole family!  We will be writing about various dental procedures, new developments and technologies, stories, myths, benefits and risks related to dentistry.  How can you have a brighter smile? What can you do about the tooth that got knocked out in a street hockey game?  Are there medicines that actually weaken teeth?  Is there any hope for teeth that have given up?

We want to address your questions, talk about the news, and keep you updated about your dental options.   Please leave your comments and questions on the comment form below.  We will answer your questions, show photos you send in and let you tell your story.

You can subscribe to our blog via RSS feed, email updates, or by following us on Twitter or Facebook.  If you are in the Phoenix – Scottsdale  – Fountain Hills area, consider calling us for a free consultation at 480.836.1551, request an appointment here or stop by and meet us on the way to see the young lady and horse pictured to the right.  They are excellent sculptures located in the park by the lake – the perfect place for a relaxing picnic.

We love new patients!

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