A dental implant is made of a metal post and topped by an artificial tooth that is then implanted into the mouth and jaw.  The implant is inserted into the gum line so that it helps preserve the overall structure of the mouth, and also to keep natural chewing and biting the same.  Most implants are designed to look like natural teeth, and they look and feel like natural teeth as well. Basically, implants are built to preserve the structure of the mouth and work to keep your remaining teeth from moving out of their natural positions. 

What Is Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants can be a permanent and effective way to our Fountain Hills patients to replace missing teeth.  This procedure can restore your healthy smile. Dental implant surgery replaces the root area of your missing teeth with metal posts.  The artificial teeth act like natural teeth, which makes dental implant surgery a good alternative to getting dentures or ill-fitting bridgework done.  

Dental implant surgery is performed in several steps, depending on the kind of implants you choose to receive, and the overall health of your jawbone.  The dental implants are placed into your jawbone to serve as the root of the artificial teeth being implemented. Titanium is used in this procedure to fuse the implant with the jawbone.  This causes the implant to remain firmly in place, essentially assimilating to the gumline as if it were a natural tooth. Dental implants also don’t decay like other kinds of bridgework.  

Please feel free to contact our Fountain Hills dentist if you think you may want to get dental implants or even if you have more questions about the procedure.  

Three Parts to A Dental Implant Procedure

Typically, receiving dental implants require three steps.  First, the dental implant is placed into your jawbone. After the implantation, it takes a little time for your jawbone to heal around the implants.  This is a process called “osseointegration”, or when your jawbone knits into the implant matrix. During this time it is of great importance to let the bone grow around the implant so it stays in place.  You will be given a temporary crown or denture to allow you to eat, speak and live comfortably. Once the implant is integrated, we create beautiful new teeth that you will be able to see. The crown will be similar to the look of your natural teeth. 

All-On-Four Dental Implants

At our dentist office in Fountain Hills, we offer All-on-Four dental implants.  This unique approach allows you to get four implants across the top or bottom of your mouth, that way you do not have to get a replacement for each tooth. The All-on-Four method gives you a tight, realistic fit.  And, they are designed to stay put for the long term, which makes them a great alternative to dentures. If you are missing teeth or considering dental implants, please contact us for a free consultation. Our amazing team at Parkview Dentistry in Fountain Hills will treat you like family and ensure your smile looks great. 

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