Parkview Dentistry was recommended by another local, and I nervously gave them a try. I had been making the trek back to Texas every time I needed dental work done, but I have Prolonged QT (a cardiac condition) and unfortunately had a bad experience with my tried and true dentist back in Texas the last time I went. I currently needed a crown reseated and two porcelain onlays fixed, and had no idea what to expect from Dr Laskis.

I was extremely pleasantly surprised by Dr Laskis’ demeanor and skill! She knew of the risks associated with prolonged QT and was well prepared to deal with it. I had two appointments with her and her team to get all the work done, and could not be happier with the results. I was also impressed with how she staged the onlay repairs (using composite fillings) – she worked quickly to remove all the material she could and prep the surfaces while I was still numb from the initial local injections, instead of working on one tooth at a time and having to re-inject me several times (I tend to get un-numb fairly quickly). That meant a lot to me, and helped put me at ease.

I will absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs a dentist in the Phoenix metro area!