We are pleased to announce that Dr. Stacey Laskis was again awarded Top Dentist this year for both Cosmetic and General Dentistry by Phoenix Magazine.  Dr. Laskis was among 25 general dentists selected from approximately 12,000 dentists in the valley to receive the award.  Importantly, Phoenix magazine uses only votes from dentists to determine the recipients. See here.

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Jennifer Vaughan Flick

2/9/2023 via Google

I have been getting my teeth cleaned here for 3 years. Everyone is friendly & very respectful of time,. Excellent hygienic practices. Kirsten is my tech and she’s SO gentle on my gums, and fun to talk with. I like supporting a woman-owned business with primarily women employees. Bonus: if you get the right chair, you get an amazing view of the fountain when it goes!5 star rating
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Ellen Lanigan

8/2/2023 via Google

My experience was simply amazing!! The staff were professional and skilled in all areas of Dentistry! They possessed a caring and empathic approach towards the patients along with the clinical acumen for an outstanding and positive dental experience. I strongly recommend this practice under the leadership of Dr. Stacy Laskis! A brilliant team!!1

5 star rating
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Jack Bender

July 2017 via Google

Best Dentist EVER and staff!! For a calming and pain free environment please go here….you won’t regret it

5 star rating
Reviewer Lindsey D.

Lindsey Dempsey

1/10/2017 via Yelp

Five stars isn’t enough to show my extreme gratitude towards Dr. Laskis and the staff at Parkview Dentistry for their kindness and talented work on our daughter Madeline. We started 2017 with a bang. Literally. One little fall the wrong way on our granite floor resulted in our daughter badly chipping her two front teeth. Dr. Laskis got us in for an appointment ASAP. She met us at the door of her newly beautifully renovated office with a bright and very kind smile and assured us she was going to do whatever she could to fix our baby’s teeth. A scared Mommy and a scared baby were led into the room by an extremely talented dentist with the sturdiest hand and the kindest disposition. For a dentist to take on the stress of fixing a 20 month old who did not want to their mouth worked on shows how huge her heart is. Her steady hands worked pure magic as she shaped two new baby crowns on her itty bitty teeth. I watched the dentist stay calm and kind through the entire procedure, all while reassuring both baby and me. She did this while working on the tiniest teeth in the world. After what felt like much longer than I’m sure it was thanks to my stress level, Dr. Laskis completed a true miracle. Words cannot express my gratitude to Parkview Dentisty for not only fixing my baby’s teeth, but taking on the stress of actually doing it. I know that a lot of dentists wouldn’t have been so kind and for that I am forever in debt to Dr. Laskis. I will never go to anyone but her, or send my daughter to anyone but her. I will end on a lighter not and also mention that the location is beautiful and the rooms overlook the lovely Fountain Hills fountain. Thank you Parkview!!!

5 star rating
Reviewer Carrie Richter

Carrie Richter

1/19/2017 via Facebook

Love love Dr. Laskis!!! Couldn’t ask for a better dentist to take over the late Dr. Willard’s practice! She is a super sweet gal! She makes you feel very welcome and comfortable!! Dr. Laskis has a very gentle touch:) I went today for a filling, my first tooth filled by the doctor, I didn’t feel a thing…smooth as can be!!! I am going to call her Dr. Painless:) Thank you Dr. Laskis, you and your staff are the best in the west!!!!

5 star rating
Reviewer KT

KT Satula

9/23/2017 via Facebook

Dr. Laskis is wonderful! The staff is great and the atmosphere of the entire office is very comfortable!

5 star rating
Nicole Soto

Nicole Soto

September 2018 via Google

Seriously the best Dentist office I’ve ever been too. You don’t have to wait forever for your appointment. The staff is all friendly and nice. Dr. Laskis is probably one of the most caring doctors you’ll ever come across in life. They don’t try to get you to do a bunch of unneeded things. It’s really refreshing to go into her officer. Even my 6 year old loves her office. We’ve been going to her for almost a year now and unless it’s something specific we don’t go anywhere else. But if we have to she refers out to other great people who are equally as awesome as she is.

5 star rating

SocialMedia Melissa


Parkview Dentistry was recommended by another local, and I nervously gave them a try. I had been making the trek back to Texas every time I needed dental work done, but I have Prolonged QT (a cardiac condition) and unfortunately had a bad experience with my tried and true dentist back in Texas the last time I went. I currently needed a crown reseated and two porcelain onlays fixed, and had no idea what to expect from Dr Laskis.

I was extremely pleasantly surprised by Dr Laskis’ demeanor and skill! She knew of the risks associated with prolonged QT and was well prepared to deal with it. I had two appointments with her and her team to get all the work done, and could not be happier with the results. I was also impressed with how she staged the onlay repairs (using composite fillings) – she worked quickly to remove all the material she could and prep the surfaces while I was still numb from the initial local injections, instead of working on one tooth at a time and having to re-inject me several times (I tend to get un-numb fairly quickly). That meant a lot to me, and helped put me at ease.

I will absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs a dentist in the Phoenix metro area!

5 star rating
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John F.

8/23/2017 via Rateabiz

Doctor is a first class pro. I feel confident in her care. Staff is ‘five star.’

5 star rating
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Bruce G.

8/22/2017 via Rateabiz

Great Job

I don’t think visiting a dental office is supposed to be a good time and fun; but the people at this office make the visit a good experience. They know what they are doing and you feel like you are in good hands. Thank You

5 star rating
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Deborah V.

May 2017 via Rateabiz

Love Anna Love the entire staff. Beautiful office decor. Dr Laskis is wonderful.
5 star rating
Reviewer Marco

Marco B.

8/8/2017 via Yelp

Dr. Laskis did a fantastic job for my 3 year old.  I’m not sure how she kept him calm throughout the teeth cleaning.  She even gave him a little toy car at the end.  We are thrilled!

5 star rating
Reviewer Paul Phoenix

Paul Phoenix

March 2017 via Google

Very Professional and painless ! Great staff, They make you feel very comfortable from the minute you arrive.

5 star rating
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Diana Berry

June 2017 via Google

What a great experience. Had never been to this office. Had a front tooth knocked out on Sunday, got an emergency appointment on Monday morning for Monday afternoon and walked out at 3:30 with a great smile. Dr. Laskis was very caring and concerned with making me comfortable. After speaking with her, I was confident in her ability to do a great job which she did. Best dental experience ever. Thank you.

5 star rating
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Vicki R.

August 2017 via Rateabiz

The best!
Though I was very comfortable with Dr. Willard….and that was my first positive experience with dentists ever, I think Dr. Laskis is just as comparable in her ethics, compassion for her patients, and putting people in a comfort zone. Anna is very sweet, competent hygienist and I actually look forward to seeing them twice a year. Thanks for coming to Fountain Hills and thank you, Tina, for your, seemingly, effortless ability to keep everything running smoothly.
5 star rating
Reviewer Crystal Malcolm

Crystal Malcolm

April 3, 2017 via Facebook

Thank you to Parkview Dentistry for making my smile beautiful again, would recommend the Zoom whitening to anyone! Your staff is always amazing and so incredible in everything they do, Thank you again!!!

5 star rating
Alesya A Reviewer

Alesya A.

9/28/2017 via Yelp

I found Dr. Laskis after having a horrible experience with another dentist who performed unnecessary work. Dr. Laskis was great, she is professional and honest. The experience was personal and informative, and I came away reassured that I found a reputable practice this time. I will not go anywhere else now.

5 star rating
Reviewer Michelle Fortin

Michelle Fortin

September 2017 via Google

We LOVE Parkview Dentistry. The staff is so friendly and accommodating. Dr. Laskis is so sweet and SMART. My kids actually look forward to going to the dentist (even after a terrible experience with another dentist!).

5 star rating
Reviewer Sharon Elrod

Sharon Shaw Elrod

September 2017 via Google

Parkview Dentistry has been my go-to clinic for dental needs for the past ten years. Always great service. Prices are reasonable. Staff are friendly and helpful. Dr Laskis is thorough and competent. Can’t beat their service!

5 star rating
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George Tobias

October 2017 via Google

I love Parkview Dentistry, I have been going there for over 10 years. Doctor Laskis is a great Dentist and I know Doctor Willard would agree:) This is the GO-TO Dentist for Fountain Hills !!!!

5 star rating
Reviewer Alex Boemark

Alex Boemark

April, 2017 via Google

3Best dentist I have ever had! Great service, great atmosphere (probably because it is run by competent women), and Dr. Laskis is fantastic.

5 star rating
Julie Becker Review

Julie Becker

October 12, 2017 via Google

Loved my experience there. The dentist and staff were all very knowledgeable and caring. The office is beautiful ad well as the view and prices are reasonable. I will definitely be back with my kiddos as well!

5 star rating
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Tony Starr

November 2017 via Google

I have always had terrible teeth & gums so I have been to far more than my fair share of dentists in my lifetime. I can honestly say Dr. Stacy is the nicest, most caring dentist I have ever experienced. She responded to my needs and gave me advice based on my own needs and not her needs. It seems that most dentists you go to work on commission on what they bring in, & I know this to be true because I had a friend who was a dentist. I feel I can thoroughly recommend Dr. Laskis to anyone and I would happily send my children or my mother to her. Please try her out, I am positive you won’t be sorry.

5 star rating

Gaylord F.

9/20/2018 via Yelp

The nicest staff, the nicest dentist, oh and they do GREAT WORK TOO!  They have been soooooo nice to me. I don’t have insurance and they have made every attempt to keep my cost down.  They are so generous with their services, I am reduced to tears when I think about how wonderful they’ve been to me and I only started seeing them recently, so no history.  Dr. Laskis is a beautiful person.  And it’s reflected in these offices. XOXO

5 star rating

Shari Bender

4/29/2019 via Google

Cheerful, experienced, thorough and fair! What more can you want??

5 star rating