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Many people are unsatisfied with their smiles due to stains on their teeth or overall dull yellowish teeth that make them choose a closed smile for family portraits instead of a wide open gaping smile. If you are one of these people it may be time to learn about how professional teeth whitening can help your smile in just a few office visits.

Although you may consider your dentist as someone who cures a tooth ache, the truth is that a cosmetic dentist is able to cure more than just a tooth ache; they can cure a lifetime of tooth embarrassment.

If you decide that it is time to clean up your teeth, there are generally two choices when it comes to getting a whiter brighter set of teeth. The first is heading to the stores to pick up a teeth whitening kit which is usually the less expensive of the two, but usually will not give you the maximum results.

These DIY home kits are a reasonable choice for those who have slightly discolored teeth and those that are okay with waiting for a month or two for the process to be complete. However, if you want quick and thorough results you may want to consider the second option.

Cosmetic dentistry is the second choice and is the preferred choice given it will give you a brighter noticeable smile after just one session of teeth whitening. Depending on your discoloration, it may require two to three sessions but each time you will notice a stark difference. If you choose to have your teeth whitened in the office, you also get to enjoy the benefits of full treatment and sealant for your new brighter teeth which will save you more in the long run versus purchasing products every time your teeth start to yellow again.

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