We Offer AvaDent® Digital Dentures Because They are Extraordinary!

Are you currently wearing dentures or have been told that you need dentures? Dentures can be frustrating. Conventional dentures can be poorly fitting, uncomfortable or loose, and can affect your quality of life. However, new innovations in digital technology and precision 3D milling are providing relief from these problems.

Some of the most common problems with “false teeth” include:

* They don’t stay put!

* Discomfort

* Eating and speaking are unenjoyable

* Irritations and infections caused by sores and trapped bacteria

“Denture implants” or dentures held in by dental implants can be a good alternative to traditional dentures. However, health restrictions, lack of proper bone density and greatly increased cost of implant surgery can rule out implants.  Shouldn’t proper dentures be stable and comfortable without requiring costly implants?

At Parkview Dentistry, we specialize in dentures. And we have good news.

A local company, Global Dental Science has recently created an entirely new type of denture, the AvaDent® denture, utilizing several breakthroughs in technology. AvaDent® digital dentures are created from digital scans, processed through sophisticated engineering algorithms to aid and control the design and manufacturing tasks  and milled from a single piece of acrylic that is superior to traditional denture material.

AvaDent® is not only an easier, faster and better approach to creating dentures, but it also provides more security to patients in the form of a permanent digital record of their dentures. If their denture is damaged or lost, a replacement is just a phone call away.

Below are the key benefits to AvaDent® digital dentures:

  • Digital precision for exceptional fit, including digital occlusion (how your bite fits together) so eating is more comfortable.
  • Fewer dental visits to obtain: As little as 2 appointments vs 5 for traditional dentures.Typical dentures require patients to return to the office again and again, until a series of tweaks has rendered them wearable. This means dentures in as little as 6 days vs. 30.
  • Bio-hygienic:  AvaDent® dentures are made of innovative materials that are denser than traditional options. It is therefore less likely that bacteria infiltrate the dentures and cause gum disease and “denture breath”
  • A Permanent digital record for rapid replacement. The 3D impressions will be saved as digital files, always on hand for quick denture replacement should yours go missing or become damaged — even when you are far from your dentist!

How much do these dentures cost? At Parkview Dentistry, the cost of AvaDent® digital dentures is the same as traditional dentures.  We want all of our patients to have access to this better technology.

Parkview Dentistry is the only dentist in the Fountain Hills area partnered directly with the makers of AvaDent®.

This means lower cost for you and the ability to be visit AvaDent’s lab with our team for further customization if desired.

Call us today for more information about how AvaDent® dentures can change your life.  Learn more about AvaDent®

Here at Parkview Dentistry in Fountain Hills, we will serve your denture needs.

Here is a video showing the milling process for a set of dentures:


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