We are always looking for ways to make dental treatment more convenient for our patients. That’s why we offer the All-on-Four dental implant option at our Fountain Hills office, located near Rio Verde, Arizona. With this unique approach to dental replacements, you enjoy an easier option than dentures that will stay put for the long term.

What Is All-on-Four?

A dental implant is a screw made of titanium that gets implanted in your jawbone where a tooth used to be, with the screw taking over the space that had been filled by the tooth’s root. Following the surgery to insert the implant, the dentist affixes a crown on top, making it difficult to tell the difference between an implant and a real tooth.

All-on-Four gives you the same tight, realistic fit as a single implant for your whole upper or lower mouth. Instead of getting dental implants for each tooth, All-on-Four allows you to get four implants that stretch across the top or bottom of your mouth. These implants are placed strategically, so you do not need a replacement for each tooth. The titanium in each implant fuses to the bone in the jaw, which reduces bone loss in the future.

Rather than a single crown, you get an entire arch of teeth that fit onto the implants. They look realistic and stay in place and serve as an excellent alternative to dentures or other dental replacements.

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The Benefits of Choosing All-on-Four

Why should you talk to us about All-on-Four treatment? This approach offers a number of advantages, including:

  • All-on-Four stays in place more effectively than dentures, which can slide and pinch.
  • All-on-Four can be placed while you are under sedation, allowing us to get a tight fit.
  • All-on-Four requires a 3D CT scan that helps your dentist determine the best treatment for your case.
  • All-on-Four is a long-term solution that allows you to forgo daily duties such as cleaning or removing your dentures.

Come to Parkview Dentistry for All-on-Four Dental Implants

Our Fountain Hills, Arizona, office is close to Rio Verde, and we offer treatment to a range of patients, including All-on-Four for patients who need teeth replaced and would prefer a more permanent route than dentures. We can treat young children, adults and seniors all in one convenient location.

Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Laskis, has years of experience and believes in practicing what she terms “gentle dentistry.” We discuss treatment options with you and determine the best choice for your particular circumstance. We want to hear your thoughts. We love getting to know our patients and value their input in our conversations.

If you have become annoyed by your dentures or need multiple dental implants, talk to us about All-on-Four, and see how we can assist you. Make an appointment to see us today.

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