Parkview Dentistry is a cosmetic and family dental office.  In other words, Dr. Laskis is also a children’s- pediatric dentist.

Family dentistry allows the whole family to be treated by one dentist. The family dentist serves the same function as a general dentist. However, children who are brought into the family dentist for regular check-ups and to watch while other family members are treated are freer to form a warm relationship with members of the dental team during their dental visit.

Child Dentistry

From as early as one year old, Doctor Laskis can see children to diagnose their oral health and any issues with their newly erupting teeth. Importantly, even though kids lose their ‘baby teeth’, if tooth decay invades the child’s teeth it can spread to the permanent teeth before they have even erupted.

Children have very different dental needs than adults and they may have specific behavioral needs that are unique to children. These needs may include orthodontic treatment (braces), dental sealants, fluoride treatments, or just simply education in oral hygiene. Moreover, not every dentist is capable of working with children who can be easily discouraged by the medical surroundings. All of the office staff of Parkview Dentistry are trained to work with children.

Because we are a family dental office that really does treat kids – Mom and kids can have appointments together. Don’t run around seeing different dentists when you can get everyone done in one dental visit!

Kids will be kids – and that can mean dental emergencies. Find your child a dental home at the best kid-friendly dentist in Fountain Hills before you have a dental emergency and are scrambling to find someone to call that you can trust. Also ask us about our new FDA approved *no-drill* cavity treatment for children.

All new child patients receive a *free* Toothprints® Bite Impression permanent record to protect their child.

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