When a dental office offers comprehensive dental care, that means it offers a full suite of services. From preventive dentistry, to restorative dentistry, to cosmetic dentistry, dentists can provide comprehensive treatment so that you can get all of the care you need in one place. Whether you are in need of a simple dental cleaning, a tooth repair, dental crowns, or a total mouth reconstruction, comprehensive dentistry can help you achieve the smile of your dreams! Comprehensive Dental Care at Parkview Dentistry means complete dental care and guidance from early childhood to elder tooth care. Nothing in the human body exists or functions in isolation. In comprehensive care, we look at the mouth as more than teeth and gums – we include the soft tissues of the surrounding oral cavity and the muscles used for chewing and movement, including those around the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) . In fact, these muscles that help create your “bite” or occlusion are often a source of problems that show up as jaw pain, neck or head aches, tooth wear and stress, failure of dental restorations, which further can affect the health of your gums and jaw bones.

Comprehensive Dental Care

In many respects, your oral health can be seen as a mirror of your general health. Some dental problems may reflect issues in other parts of your body, and vice versa. For example, untreated oral infections can lead to poorer control of diabetes, an increased incidence of cardiovascular disease, and complications during pregnancy. Dr. Laskis is trained to identify these and other issues, and offer appropriate treatment or referral when needed. Some special concerns include obstructive sleep apnea and oral cancer , potentially deadly conditions.

Comprehensive dentistry also incorporates how Dr. Laskis utilizes dental specialists. If complex endodontic or other specialist work is needed to get the best result, Dr. Laskis will not hesitate to refer a patient to her network of specialists for treatment, while making sure that the other dental needs are still being taken care of. Many general dentists try to keep “in house” complex root canal treatments or placing dental implants for financial reasons as these procedures are more lucrative. As you can imagine, having a specialist, who does molar root canals all day and has spent additional years of training specializing in root canals may get you a better result than using a general dentist who only does significantly fewer.

Comprehensive dental care also means professional teeth cleaning by our team of hygienists every six months for healthy teeth of all ages. Comprehensive oral health requires a holistic approach and that means using the latest well-proven treatment to combat oral disease such as application of sealants , Advantage Arrest to halt cavities , Arestin® to treat gum (periodontal) disease , and screening for oral cancers .

After a dental professional performs the comprehensive care exam, they will make a treatment plan to address any oral dental health issues. This allows you to understand exactly what is needed to get your dental health back to where it should be.

The sooner you make a dental appointment and address any oral issues, the easier it will be to fix.

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