What is Endodontic Care?

Endodontic care is a sub-field of dentistry concerned with the roots and nerves of your teeth. If the pulp of a patient’s tooth becomes infected or is injured it will need Endodontic care.  Often the tooth is very painful. If the infection is not treated it will usually result in pain, an abscess and the eventual loss of the tooth. The most common procedure in Endodontics is root canal therapy which is involves opening up small canals in the root of the tooth, the elimination of infection and the protection of the decontaminated tooth from future microbial infection.

Tooth Pain

Other Endodontic treatments include Apicoectomy, which is when a dentist removes a tooth’s root tip and replaces it with a filling material that is biocompatible.

If you’re suffering from pain or sensitivity in one or more teeth, let us help you relieve the discomfort before an extraction is necessary.

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  • Root Canal Therapy in Fountain Hills

    A root canal is designed to treat an infection of the pulp—the inner tooth and nerves. The pulp can become infected as a result of numerous causes, including untreated cavities or damage that develops after a break, chip, or injury. These nerves send signals to the brain to warn you of the infection that are translated as pain and sensitivity, which can make eating and normal activities difficult. Furthermore, if left untreated, an abscess may form, which can lead to more significant health problems and extreme discomfort.
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