As a mother my worst fear is that my children could become lost, or worse, abducted.  Parents can take extra precautions to ensure the safety of their children by educating them about ways to protect themselves and keep important records of the child such as updated color photographs, fingerprints, DNA samples, etc., handy. However, in spite of all efforts, the problem of missing children still remains.  However, developments in the field of dentistry have empowered dentists with various tools and techniques to play a pivotal role in tracing a missing child

That is why at Parkview Dentistry we offer Toothprints® for all of our little patients.  Toothprints® provide a simple, proven method for clinically collecting DNA and saliva samples to enable rescuers to search for children and identifying children.

Toothprints® is a simple, cost-effective way of documenting your young child’s unique tooth characteristics, tooth position within the arch and maxillomandibular jaw relationship – all important identifiers. Toothprints® is a forensic record like fingerprints, and it is unique to every individual. Even identical twins have different Toothprints®. Children should have Toothprints® at age 3-4, again at age 8-9 and finally at age 11-12, if there are no fillings or other dental identifiers. This dental impression also provides (1) saliva which provides cells for DNA sample, and (2) a scent on the wafer which can be used for scent dogs to track lost or missing children.

Making a Toothprints bite impression takes only a few minutes. It’s comfortable for your young child and will give their parents peace of mind. Hopefully, they’ll never have to use it.

We take the bite impression and place it in a zip lock bag with your child’s name on it. Do not open the bag because it will contaminate the scent and perhaps the DNA sample. When you get home place it in a safe spot where you can remember where it is. Keep it with a recent photograph.

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