Permanent dentures are dentures that are permanently affixed to the jaw bone. Let’s go over both the pros and cons of these false teeth.

Permanent Dentures

It’s pretty common for normal dentures, the kind that are removable, to cause an annoyance to their carrier due to shifting around, not staying in place, or simply misplacing them. There is, however, an option that does not bring these difficulties with it: permanent dentures! These types of dentures are non-removable, and fit much better with the hassle of constantly adjusting and having to apply paste so they stay in one place. You don’t need a full set either, if you have only a few teeth or even a single tooth that needs an implant, then this is a fantastic option to consider. Let’s go over the pros and cons of permanent dentures so that you know whether or not they would be a benefit to you.


1: They Don’t Move Around

Removable dentures often move around, especially when chewing crunchy or chewy foods. This does not happen with permanent dentures, and there will be no need to re-paste just to get a proper snug fit, so no more loose dentures in the middle of a meal.

2: Great Facial Support

Something that is often a huge complaint of removable dentures is the fact that it leads to cheeks that appear sunken in, or lips that lack proper support. Permanent dentures do not have this problem, as they generally stay in your mouth permanently. 

3: Less Maintenance

Permanent dentures only require cleaning roughly once to twice per year, and do not require messy paste like removable dentures do. Plus, the fact is that daily cleaning will be a thing of the past, so you will always be ready to munch down on your favorite meal without the time-consuming preparation of the dentures.



1: They Can Be Costly 

Permanent dentures are sometimes quite a bit more expensive than dentures, partially due to the heightened quality needed to stay in the mouth for an extended amount of time. You will need to pay for surgery for the dentures to have an anchor point. This is definitely a worthwhile investment for many.

2: Chipping Still Occurs

Just like real teeth, these permanent dentures are not immune to cracks. Although very uncommon, permanent dentures may very well crack a tooth if bit down hard enough on a hard substance, such as a bone or ice. There isn’t much need to worry though, as this is one of the less common complaints of permanent dentures.

3: Dental Surgery Required 

Probably the biggest con, is that in order to take advantage of permanent dentures, dental surgery is required. This is largely due to the need of the permanent dentures needing an anchor point. Surgery usually isn’t too bad, although recovery time can sometimes take up to a month or two. This is personal opinion, but we think that this is undoubtedly worth looking past , mostly because of the list of long-term awesome pros permanent dentures can offer!

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