Unfortunately, necessary dental work is sometimes unexpected.  Your teeth don’t check your budget before deciding to cause you pain. You may also want to get a cosmetic boost like teeth whitening or Invisalign before an important event and need the ability to pay over time.  We strive to offer affordable dental care so we offer our patients Carecredit financing as one option.

Carecredit is a type of credit card that can be used with any of the health care providers that support it. Right now, it is accepted at 200,000 dentistry, veterinary, LASIK, hearing, vision care and other specialty clinics.  Carecredit allows you to make monthly payments, and, if the balance is repaid before six months, pay no interest or penalties.  It is not a type of dental insurance or a dental discount plan.  It will not be the best option for all patients, however, because if the balance is not repaid within six months, a significant interest rate will be assessed by Carecredit.

For more information about Carecredit visit the Carecredit website or speak with our office manager.