If you are a dental patient looking to get dentures, you may have a few questions that only a qualified dentist can answer.  Getting dentures can be a complicated process that you may have a few questions about, so before you make any final decisions, you will want to find the best dentist for the job.  Your relationship with your dentist is important, and you should spend some time getting to know each other before you have your dentures placed.  It may seem like an easy task to find a dentist, but remember, dental care is a very personal service, especially if you have anxiety about dental visits.  You will want to consider your options very carefully before finding the right match for you.  Read further as we discuss what to look for in a dentist and what the procedure of having dentures placed entails.  


Guide to Choosing a Dentist For Dentures


If you are unsure as to what to look for when selecting a dentist to place your dentures here are some questions for you to ask and some tips to follow too…

  1. Does the dentist have an office close to your home or workplace?
  2. Does the dentist’s office have hours that match your schedule?
  3. Does the dentist take your insurance?
  4. How does the dentist handle after-hours emergencies? (Most have an emergency referral service or a different dentist to it).
  5. Ask them about the different costs for procedures.  It is perfectly acceptable to inquire about estimates for common procedures like oral exams and cleanings.  
  6. Ask if they have a missed appointments policy.
  7. If you have dental anxiety, ask the dentist what kind of dental sedation is right for you.

If you narrow it down to a few candidates, it may be prudent to meet in person too, so that you can note the following about the dentists’ office…

  1. Is the office neat and clean?
  2. Are the dental staff kind and courteous?
  3. Is the equipment up to date and clean?
  4. Do the dental staff and dentist wear protective gear like masks and gloves?

A Guide to Selecting Dentures

Once you have found a dentist that checks all your boxes, you will have to decide what kind of dentures to get.  This can be an intimidating process, and that is why picking a dentist for dentures is so important.  They can help you choose the best set of dentures.  Here is a breakdown of the different kinds of dentures to give you an idea of what you will be choosing from…

The Different Types of Dentures

As mentioned above, your dentist will help you select the right kind of dentures for you.  There are two primary types to discuss, full dentures or partial dentures.  

Partial Dentures:  If you need a few teeth replaced, but not an entire row, your dentist may suggest partial dentures.  Partial dentures are removable.  However, if the dentist wants to keep your current teeth in position, they might recommend a non-removable partial denture known as a fixed bridge.  This is where the expertise of your dentist will come in handy, they will help you decide the best way to go, so you do not have to decide on your own.   

Full Dentures: Full dentures are recommended if you have lost several teeth or have decayed teeth that are loose, or missing.  Full dentures are meant to replace teeth as well as tissue.  

Flexible Dentures: These are comparable to partial dentures, but made from softer materials to fit comfortably in your mouth.  They do not have any metal parts, so they look more natural and feel more natural. 

Implant-Supported Dentures: These are surgically attached inside of your jawbone.  The process to get them takes longer and requires more than one visit.  But, they are the most stable of all the dentures.

Immediate Dentures: These are only temporary, but placed as soon as your natural teeth are extracted.  This allows you to avoid being toothless during the healing stage when your mouth heals.

There are a few other things to consider, like the aesthetics of dentures.  The color of your dentures matters because the whole world sees them when you talk, smile, laugh and eat. Not everyone on earth looks great next to super white teeth, based on complexion.  Several different hues of white are available so that you have options to choose from.  Basically, you want your dentures to look and feel good.  And, you need a qualified dental professional to help you on your dentures journey.  

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