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Trying to make healthy choices during the holidays can be tricky for everyone.  With all the preparation it takes to plan for the holidays, you may suddenly find yourself too busy to devote time to your own health and well-being.  Plus, as the holidays start, you will see sweets and treats start to appear, which are hard to resist.  If you are interested in making it through the holiday season without too much damage to your teeth, consider following our healthy dental tips for the holidays.  

Keep Up With a Dental Routine

Good oral hygiene depends on a regular dental routine. You should aim to brush your teeth daily and do not forget to floss. In addition, choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride for extra protection against cavities.  

Also, do not forget to keep up with your annual dental checkups.  Yes, the holidays are busy, but if you are due for a cleaning do not forget to make an appointment.   

Continue to Make Healthier Choices

First of all, make sure to stay hydrated this holiday season. There may be a lot of sugary drinks offered during the holidays.  If you indulge, remember to brush your teeth, and try to choose water over the sodas and juices.  

Instead of picking the sweets and treats to eat, consider a healthy option instead. Be like Rudolph the Reindeer and choose the carrots sticks over sticky sweet treats that can cause plaque or tartar buildup on your teeth.  This buildup can cause cavities to form.  Try to eat these gooey and sugary treats sparingly or avoid them all together.  

Avoid Chewing on Ice Cubes and Hard Candy

We know it is tempting to chew the ice cubes from a holiday cocktail, or indulge in holiday candies that are hard and may damage or crack your teeth.  But, if you can, avoid chewing in ice cubes and hard candy this holiday season. Let the ice cubes or hard candy dissolve naturally in your mouth if you do indulge.  

Do Not Use Your Teeth to Open Anything!

Please use the proper tools to open holiday presents, and do not use your teeth! We know you are excited to rip into gifts, but your teeth are not the right tools for the job.  Also, do not use your teeth to try to open a bottle or crack nutshells.  The very tough surface of a nutshell can cause serious damage to your teeth, like they could crack and be damaged. Also, do not try gripping a bottle with your teeth to open it.  This can also damage your teeth severely.  Use a nutcracker to open nuts, a bottle opener to open bottles, and a scissors for opening gifts.  

Try Not to Bite Your Nails

Yes, the holidays can be stressful, and biting your nails may be a way to deal with the stress.  But, biting your nails can be bad for your teeth.  It is a habit that can be linked to clenching in the jaw, sensitive teeth, and teeth grinding.  Try to avoid it, and if the temptation is too much, consider distracting yourself for a few minutes to see if the urge to bite goes away.  Your teeth will thank you if you do.


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