Maintaining proper oral health may not be everyone’s top agenda, but it should be. Here is why and how you can improve and maintain your oral health.

Good Choices For Your oral Health

Many products like cigarettes, alcohol and sugar foods can wreak havoc on oral health. This is why we have created a guide to preventing bad oral health and maintaining the good. Today’s society has so many different kinds of substances like Sodas, sugary foods and other non-edible products, like cigarettes. All of these products can do a major toll on the image and overall oral health of your mouth. We may not even realize this until the damage is done, which is why we have created this guide, so that you can prevent further damage and maintain the good oral health that comes along with it.

Top Six Ways To Maintain Good Oral Health 

1: Stop Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can wreak havoc on dental health, leading to a multitude of both minor and serious issues. These can span anywhere from staining of the teeth, tooth infections and other oral sores caused by tobacco usage. This is due to the tobacco giving bacteria a place to thrive and grow within, not to mention the added negative effects that nicotine has on the blood vessels inside of the gums and pulp. Smoking cigarettes will also cause bad breath, due to papillae build up and, of course, bacteria. Quitting smoking will improve gum and tooth health within weeks, but may not assist in the permanent damage left behind on the teeth by years of smoking. The pros here definitely outweigh the cons by a significant amount.

2: Cut Back On Sugar

Sugar is the most widely known substance to cause tooth decay; and this is largely due to the increased acidic levels caused by its consumption. Sugar found in all sorts of food and drinks can cause this, but it is important to mainly be cautious about sugar found in candy or sugary drinks. Sugars that are found in meats and vegan foods, such as vegetables, are much less likely to cause tooth decay; so  try to be aware of what you are consuming and take it into consideration of how it can affect your oral health.

3: Limit Coffee & Sodas 

Both Coffee and Sodas are very high in acid, which can lead to major tooth erosion and bad breath, due to a build-up of bacteria within the mouth. You can slow this process by limiting the amount of soda and coffee that you consume; and, if you are up for the challenge, eliminate them both all together. Limiting them both will considerably help oral health, though, especially if you rinse your mouth after each session, so the acid doesn’t have much time to do any major damage. 

4: Take Advantage Of Vitamins

Sometimes in the rush to get everything else done in life, we find ourselves picking up a less nutritious meal, such as fast food, or may even find ourselves not eating enough. This is where vitamins come in, which will help fill in the nutrition gaps that are lost by a poor diet. This is also very beneficial to those who may have a vitamin deficiency, especially if it is a calcium, Vitamin D or zinc deficiency. Taking vitamins can reduce or even prevent bad oral health caused by a certain vitamin deficiency.

5: Brush Regularly

This should go without saying here, but brushing our teeth regularly is the most important aspect of maintaining good oral health. Regularly brushing our teeth will not only remove plaque build-up, but also assist in removing bacteria located all throughout the mouth. Make sure that you regularly keep your tongue brushed or scraped as well, as this can also cause bad oral health, and is often a forgotten aspect of proper oral hygiene among some people. After brushing them, be sure to finish off with a proper mouthwash and if you wish, you can implement flossing too if you haven’t already.

6: Attend The Dentist Regularly

Almost everyone dreads the idea of having to go to the dentist regularly, but this is another important aspect of maintaining proper oral health. This is largely due to the fact that the dentist will be able to spot any hidden diseases or cavities, there have even been cases where hidden abscesses have been discovered, all without pain. Visiting your dentist once or twice per year will help prevent any major and hidden issues and will give you the chance to have a cleaning which will improve your image. A clear win-win situation!

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