family dentistryBy maintaining good oral health practices at home and scheduling regular office visits, most patients can avoid many common dental problems. Daily brushing and flossing, and the application of sealants, can help youngster avoid tooth decay. Adults can avert their most common problem, gum disease, with regular professional care. In cases where tooth loss, breakage, or misalignment does occur, the dentist is an expert in a variety of advanced restoration and replacement techniques. In addition, there are a number of cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, veneers, and bonding, that effectively remedy chipped, discolored, and gapped teeth. The more patients know about dental health, the better they can smile.

Taking your children to the dentist regularly serves two purposes. It familiarizes the child with the people and machinery in the dental office which will help any nervousness they feel about a trip to the dentist and it helps the dentist to find and treat any dental problems in their early stages. Since most major dental problems are much worse when not treated quickly, being familiar and at ease in a dental office usually improves dental health in the long run.

Establishing a long term relationship with a family dentist assures all the members of the family that trips to the dentist will not harbor any surprises, and this is surprisingly reassuring for adults and children alike. ,Schedule an appointment with Parkview Dentistry today!

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