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Consider a family dentist when thinking about finding a new dentist. Being able to use one dentist for the whole family makes perfect sense. Parkview Dentistry in Fountain Hills offers family dentistry so that kids and their parents can be treated by the same team of dentists and their assistants and a relationship can be built for every member of the family, young and old. Starting proper brushing techniques and dental practices early is the best way to ensure that a child’s teeth are well taken care of throughout their lifetime. In addition, proper hygiene techniques and good nutrition can be taught through this type of dentistry as well.

Family dentistry starts from when that first tooth shows up through wisdom teeth in the teen years and teeth cleaning as children grow into adults. This type of dentistry is perfect for parents and their children alike and the young ones get to see that the dentist is helpful as their moms and dads are getting worked on. In addition, having one dentist or dental team for a single family creates a bond between the two and you have someone who knows everything about your family’s teeth from the time that the teeth first appear as you move forward with proper hygiene.

Sometimes families need more than just a teeth cleaning and a routine checkup. Specialists like orthodontists and oral surgeons may be called in for special cases from time to time for certain situations. Luckily, for the patients of Parkview Dentistry they have a team that is dedicated to family dentistry and every dental problem that arises with each family member. That can include crowns, porcelain veneers, extractions, x-rays and everything in between. Perfect dental hygiene starts young and parents should be the ones leading by example.

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