Dental Implants
Dental Implants Can Light Up Your Smile    Image by Thai Jasmine (Catching up…) via Flickr

Dental Implants can mean enjoying a carefree meal and laughing with your family whenever you want. No need to feel self-conscious about the quality of your teeth. You will be able to confidently bite into toffee or brittle and give a big old grin in family photographs. If you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, Dental Implants will replace the missing teeth so you can eat and smile with the rest of them!

There are two different parts of a tooth that can be lost, the crown or the structure of the root. If the crown of the tooth is broken off but the root is solid, then the aesthetics of the tooth are affected, but the tooth may be able to be repaired with a crown.  If the root is damaged as well, then the issue is of a more serious nature.

Whenever the root of a tooth deteriorates, the jaw line suffers. These missing teeth cause patients to look older because the shape of their face changes. Dental Implants can help to correct this problem.  Dental Implants allow you to eat and feel natural while doing so.  They are fixed right to your jaw line to blend in with the structure of your teeth. They may cost more than dentures do, but they are a worthwhile investment in the long run and are a sturdy, comfortable, attractive alternative. Dental Implants have a lifetime guarantee. If every family photo is worth a thousand words of love and happiness, then these Dental Implants to replace missing teeth are worth every penny.

Talk to Parkview Dentistry about the possibility of dental implants to replace your missing teeth.

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