Dental Crown SmilesDental Crowns Scottsdale and Dental Caps Arizona can be used for either aesthetic or health purposes. If you have recently broken a tooth or you wish to cover stained, unattractive teeth, then dental crowns might be the right investment for you.  With age, patients often lose teeth.  Crowns are definitely the route to go to regain the full, vibrant mouth you have been missing.

When a patient is in need of dental crowns in Scottsdale, a specific process must be adhered to. This step-by-step process begins in the dentist’s chair, when you and your doctor have a discussion about the state of a particular tooth.  Is a dental crown the way to go?  If so, your dentist will tell you that such a procedure usually takes one or two appointments to complete.  During the first procedure, a temporary cap is placed on the damaged tooth which is supposed to be worn until the stronger, permanent cap is made.  Of course, once the permanent cap is made to fit your mouth and tooth, you will be called in for your second procedure.  This time the crown is set firmly in place.  Your teeth will be safe, healthy and gorgeous!

Dental crowns in Scottsdale can be made out of various materials from metal or ceramic or both can be used to make a natural looking tooth. Choosing the material of crown depends on which tooth is being replaced.  For instance, front tooth caps need to be made out of porcelain in order to blend in with the rest of your visible teeth. Resin can also be used, but it is not as durable as metal or ceramic material.  These are usually temporary and can break over time. If you need to protect your teeth and want a more consistent looking smile, then metal or ceramic material are the way to go.

Dental Crowns may not make you royalty, but they can sure make you feel like it! Call Parkview Dentistry at 480-836-1551 for all your Dental Crowns Scottsdale and Dental Caps Arizona.

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