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Many people avoid getting dental implants because they are afraid that they will not match their present teeth. However, this is one misconception that can be easily cleared up if a visit to a cosmetic dentistry office for a consultation.

There are actually many different procedures that a patient can undergo now that can produce results that match with a patient’s normal teeth such as bonding or shaping, or porcelain veneers. The result of any type of procedure is that the dentist can give you a perfect set of teeth even if genetics did not bless you with them from the beginning.

One of the most common practices that may be recommended to you while in the office for a consultation at a cosmetic dentistry office is shaping which some dentists also refer to as enamel shaping or bonding. The process involves overhauling the shape of the tooth so that it matches the other teeth in the mouth by removing some of natural enamel or filling the tooth with a white substance. Most of the time this process does not cause any pain to the patient and the results can be seen immediately after the procedure is finished.

Another way that a dentist may approach your teeth is if you have a tooth or two that are chipped, broken, or stained comparatively to the others. Bonding in connection with cosmetic dentistry is a procedure that includes using materials that are tooth colored to adhere to the tooth to recreate the appearance of a tooth that has been chipped or to fix the appearance of your smile overall in the case you have several severely stained teeth.

This process can be great for those who overall have a great set of teeth with just a small amount of problems tainting the overall appearance of their smile.

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  1. Dentists Orange

    There is nothing worse that getting dental implants that look unnatural because they don’t match your real teeth. This is why it is important to go to a dentist that can expertly give you the result that you want.

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