When Do Dentists Use Sedation?

It is quite common for dental patients to be nervous or have anxiety about dental procedures.  Oftentimes, if a patient does have worries about seeing the dentist, they can opt to try dental sedation.  This is not part of pain … Continued

Does a Person Really Need a Dentist?

It is just too easy to skip going to see the dentist, especially every six months which tends to be the general recommendation.  There are so many reasons that people bail out on their regular dental check-ups.  Some have dental … Continued

What is the Safest Filling for Teeth?

For more than a century, dentists have used silver fillings, or fillings made from amalgam.  Fillings made from amalgam are fifty percent mercury, with other metals like copper, tin, and zinc that make up the rest.  Amalgam or silver fillings … Continued