How Dentists Treat Tooth Decay

When damage to the enamel of a tooth occurs, it is most likely from tooth decay.  Tooth decay, or damage to the surface of a tooth is caused by bacteria in the mouth that create acids that damage the tooth.  … Continued

How Does a Dentist Remove a Tooth?

There are many reasons why a dental patient would need to have a tooth pulled.  Having wisdom teeth removed is probably the most common, but there are many other reasons why tooth extraction may be necessary.  Overcrowding is a valid … Continued

How Do Dentists Remove Braces

Whether you had your braces for months or years, it is understandable to feel excitement when it is time to get them taken off. Soon, you will be able to see your improved smile and this is the moment you … Continued

Tooth Sensitivity Treatments

Does eating ice cream or drinking cause you pain? If so you may have tooth sensitivity caused by a number of issues, most of which are easily solved. One of the worst things to experience is a sharp tooth pain … Continued

Cigarettes & Your Teeth

Smoking can do major damage to your teeth, and leave you with lasting oral damage if cessation is not reached. Let’s learn more about this. Smoking tobacco can cause a multitude of oral problems, not limited to but including: tooth … Continued

Healthy Teeth Tips

Finding the best daily regimen for healthy dental health can be confusing to most, which is why we’ve created a list of important aspects to a mouth full of healthy teeth. Keeping our teeth healthy can sometimes be a challenge, … Continued

The Benefits of Fluoride

Fluoride helps strengthen our tooth enamel, so that sugars and acids cannot attack our tooth enamel as easily. But do you know the full benefits? Let’s learn more about these. Tooth enamel is the first line of defense when it … Continued

Do I Need A Night Guard?

Night Guards help protect us from grinding our teeth at night when we sleep. But is it right for you? Let’s read on to learn more about this. Bruxism, commonly referred to as teeth grinding, is a phenomenon when we … Continued

Pregnancy Dental Care Tips

The way Dental care is applied changes during pregnancy, which is what we will learn more about today. Pregnancy, while a beautiful and natural phenomena, brings a huge amount of challenges along with it as well. Today we will be … Continued