Can You Drive Home After a Tooth Extraction?

If you have an upcoming dental procedure you should know that it is important to plan ahead.  If you do not already know all the details about the procedure, you should do your research before so you know how to plan.  For instance, you will need to know how long the procedure will last, and if you will be able to drive home afterwards.  If you are planning on having a tooth extraction, then is it safe to drive home?  Or, will you have to enlist a family member, friend or car service to drive you home?  Take a look below as we discuss what is safe after a tooth extraction and what is not safe.  

It is Not to Safe to Drive if IV Sedation is Used

So, if you have a tooth extraction coming up, you should plan ahead so you know what is safe to do after the procedure and what is not.  And, if you receive IV sedation for your tooth extraction, then you should know that it is not safe to drive after.  That means that you will have to arrange for a ride home. Below is a list of dental procedures that use IV sedation…

  1. Wisdom teeth 
  2. Dental implants
  3. Procedures to get the mouth ready for dentures
  4. Smile reconstruction
  5. Pathology
  6. Trauma

Driving Home After An Oral Surgery

As mentioned above, figuring out if it is safe to drive after a tooth extraction will depend on the type of anesthesia that was used.  If IV sedation is used it is not safe for you to drive afterwards.  However, if the procedure used local anesthesia you may be able to drive after.  It will depend on the dentist, the procedure and also your general health and age.  To be prepared, have a talk with your dentist before the procedure so that you know your options and so that you have time to arrange for a ride home if needed.  

The Reasons Why It is Not Safe To Drive After Getting IV Sedation

There are different reasons why you should not drive a car after receiving anesthesia for oral surgery.  Take a look at our list below…

  1. Your vision may be temporarily impaired
  2. Your range of motion may be limited
  3. Your reflexes will not be as sharp
  4. Your strength could be weakened 
  5. You may face reduced grip strength 

When it is Safe to Drive Again After a Tooth Extraction

It is recommended that you wait a full 24 hours to drive after receiving IV sedation.  If you do not wait, you could cause an accident or even get pulled over for driving under the influence.  Don’t endanger yourself or bystanders on the road.  To be safe, have help lined up for after the surgery and the rest of the day.  This person can get you home safe and even pick up any pain medicine you will need after the procedure.  This way, you will have someone to take care of your needs and stay safe while you recover.  

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