How often do you smile? Are you too stressed to share your smile? Well, after you read this post, you will have new reasons why you should keep on smiling.

No doubt, a smile can give you a positive aura. You were born with the ability to smile. However, as you age, you might smile less often. According to a recent study, children smile an average of 400 times per day. In addition, the average happy adult smiles 40 to 50 times daily, while a typical adult smiles 20 times daily.

Some people smile less often due to dental care issues. That is why they visit Fountain Hills dentist, to bring back their confidence to smile.

A healthy smile offers lots of benefits, including:

  • Better Relationships

People who always smile are considered more approachable and likable than those who wear a deadpan expression or frown. If you are a likable person, building and maintaining relationships with others is typically much easier.

According to a 2010 study, people with positive emotions can achieve better interpersonal skills and more stable marriages than those with negative emotions. In short, smiling can create healthier and stronger social bonds.

  • Longer Life

Positive emotions and smiling are also associated with longer life. In short, the more we smile, the longer we are likely to live. Plus, it can make you look younger. If you smile more frequently, your aging process may slow down.

  • Improved Immune Function

Laughter, which usually starts with a smile, helps in boosting your immune system. According to Mayo Clinic, positive thoughts and laughter can release signaling molecules in the brain that fight illnesses and stress.

If you prevent yourself from smiling, your body’s immunity may decrease. So, keep on smiling!

  • Enhanced Mood

Are you feeling blue? Does your environment make you moody? If so, smiling may help to boost your mood.

If you struggle with anxiety or depression, smiling more often can uplift your mood. By making yourself smile every time you are feeling down, you can improve your mood while increasing positive thoughts. Whenever you have a bad day, try to smile and improve your mood.

  • Pain Relief

Believe it or not, taking painkillers and applying topical ointments aren’t the only ways to relieve pain. Smiling can also be a pain reliever.

Smiling and laughter cause the body to release natural painkillers. If you are in pain due to chronic illness or injury, you can hang out with your family and friends or watch a comedy show to make yourself smile.


If there is an opportunity to smile, grab it! Smiling not only makes your face pleasing, but it also offers lots of benefits, from health to social aspects. You can have a good mood and even live longer. After all, you can make other people smile by giving them a genuine smile yourself.

If you are not confident with smiling due to an oral health issue, a dentist near you can help. Schedule a dental care treatment or service and start giving everyone a beautiful smile.

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