Comprehensive Care and Dental Referrals

Woman at Dentist clinic. Teeth care and tooth healthComprehensive Dental Care at Parkview Dentistry means complete dental care and guidance from early childhood to elder tooth care. Dr. Stacey Laskis and her team teach younger patients about taking care of their new teeth good brushing and flossing habits, fluoride treatments, and healthy eating habits.  Early cavity detection and treatment is a primary part of early childhood and adolescent dental services.

If orthodontic or other specialist work is needed, Dr. Stacey can refer a patient to her network of specialists for treatment, while making sure that the other dental needs are still being taken care of.  Professional teeth cleaning by our team of hygienists is necessary every six months for healthy teeth of all ages.  Comprehensive oral health requires a holistic approach and that means treatment to prevent cavities such as application of sealants, Arestin® to treat gum (periodontal) disease, and screening for oral cancers.